Calling all Superheroes!

This is the best picture ever because as well as being very cute it holds a great life lesson. My 3-year-old grandnephew wears his superhero outfit proudly wherever he can – day care, the mall, the playground, any chance he can get away with it. He’s not embarrassed or ashamed or shy about dressing up. In fact, he’s not dressing up at all – this is who he is – a living breathing superhero.

How long I wonder, will it be before he leaves it behind as a silly, little kid thing or gets laughed at by friends or even worse, bullies. Before he buries that superhero away like we all have done and becomes ‘grownup’ and worried about what other people will think. Am I good enough, smart enough, rich enough, oh and I’m probably not thin enough either. The sad thing is, once gone, it takes us most of our life to get that feeling back – we are forever (mostly unknowingly) searching for that childhood joy, that feeling of not caring, of being invincible. Of knowing that wearing our cape means anything is possible.

But what if we never put that cape aside? Or rediscovered it sooner rather than later? Like in our 30’s instead of our 60’s? What could we achieve if we still had our superhero cape on (maybe secretly hidden under a shirt or sweater)?

Would we take more risks, make different decisions about our lives and careers, be kinder to ourselves and families knowing that it will all turn out ok in the end? Would we do things based on what gives us joy instead of all the other reasons that become meaningless with time? And would we perhaps live up to the fullest potential within ourselves knowing that as a superhero we can’t fail?

Children are an inspiration because so many of them don’t have the doubts and fears that will beat us down in later life. They are free to stand proudly and in joy and in the knowledge that being a superhero means you have the power to be whatever you want. But the truth is, you always do, no matter what your age. Every day is a new opportunity to change your life. To become that superhero you were meant to be. What would it take for you to put that cape back on and find out?