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New Year’s Resolutions in Reverse

2020 is finally (and thankfully!) in our rear view and we have a whole new squeaky-clean year ahead of us once again.  Who would have thought, as we sat down a year ago to put our new year’s plans on paper, that we would have had the year we did?  Not in our wildest dreams.  […]

Networking in the time of Covid

Some people love to network, others do not.  And especially now in the time of Covid, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, people are worried that it might not be ‘appropriate’ to network, especially if you are looking for a job, or want to pivot your career.  But if you think about it, the […]

10 Point Job Search Checklist

Well here we are 4 months into the pandemic and unfortunately no end in sight! While it has been a tough time for all, my heart especially goes out to those who have lost their jobs during this difficult time. So I’ve created a quick checklist for those of you who may be struggling, wondering […]

4 Ways to Jumpstart your Job Search

A few months ago, the economy was going strong and there were tons of job openings. You may have been contemplating a job or career change or were perfectly happy with what you were doing. And then everything changed in the blink of an eye. Who could have predicted the scenario we now find ourselves […]